My Story

A little girl that always draws pictures of princesses with colorful puffy dresses and feathers on their hair and reads Alice in Wonderland over and over again out of an old torn and tattered edition of the book that her cousin had thrown away!

That's me! about 30 years ago that is! Much have changed since then but my essence has pretty much stayed the same. A long and absolute goth teenage phase has also played a significant part in my aesthetic as well as my love for theater and costume design.


I love fairy tales, the Victorian era and above all, I love making things with my hands! It's what makes my everyday life fascinating!

I think of my hats as small sculptures destined to adorn the heads of fair contemporary ladies and princesses and hopefully bring some magic into their lives for many years.
A spoonful of love goes into the recipe of my accessories but not only! I constantly strive to better my process and train my fingers to be the most excellent little workers, as my hats are completely hand-sewn.

And the most important thing!
I never forget to believe to as many as six impossible things before breakfast!
Bizarre Noir Madhattery is based in Athens, Greece (Evangelia Karamplaka, VAT Registration No EL118842349)
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